If you - or your client - transmit, receive, or depend on information from wireless systems, C4ISR sensors, data links, tactical radios, microwave systems, ground or airborne radar, satellites,...or anything that connects to an antenna…then you need the services of Spectrum Analytics, LLC, because...

Spectrum access is a sovereign national right.

Depending on choice of frequency band, both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA) must jointly approve spectrum use within the US. 

The NTIA must approve all federal government spectrum use of the radio frequency spectrum within the US.

Outside the US, host nation spectrum authorities must approve US spectrum-dependent systems using the RF spectrum within their borders.

In January 2012, nations will convene at a "World Radiocommunication Conference" (WRC-12) to decide on the international spectrum policy for a large number of frequency bands.

Spectrum Analytics, LLC can provide you with the analytical and regulatory expertise needed to survive in complex analytical and regulatory spectrum environments.